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Create Closer, Loving Relationships    

Body-Centered Coaching
Our unique experiential approach incorporates movement, breath, and awareness of physical sensations.

Two-on-two Relationship Coaching for Couples & Families
We offer couples possibilities to understand destructive dynamics and develop healthy relationship patterns. We have the unique ability to offer both male and female perspectives and avoid the pitfall of taking sides.

Telephone Coaching
Exploring with us on the phone and/or Skype allows you to learn these life changing skills from your own home or office at a time that fits with your busy schedule.

Dances of Universal Peace
These are simple, meditative, joyous, multi-cultural circle dances that use sacred phrases, music, and movement from the many sacred traditions of the earth.

Helping Children make Friends with their Feelings We have created a curriculum for use by teachers, caregivers and parents; visit Earth Friendly Publishing to get a downloadable e-book.

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