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Background & Qualifications

Marlene and Bob
Bob and Marlene Neufeld

Marlene and Bob Neufeld

  • Our greatest joy is co-creating an amazing relationship with each other and sharing that with others.
  • Over 46 years together we have re-invented our emotional and physical relationship many times.
  • In our late 60's, we are having better sex than ever before.
  • We have a passion for collaborating together leading Dances of Universal Peace, Playback theatre, playshops and coaching.
  • We offer our life experience in our 46 years of increasingly conscious relationship as a catalyst to your own conscious relationship growth.
  • We bring balanced male-female energy along with a sense of wonder, curiosity, play, fun and laughter as we support you to access your full creative potential.
  • We invite you to become co-learners who commit to learning in an easeful, friendly way.
  • We are committed to seeing every interaction as a learning opportunity, and commit to learning in easeful, friendly ways in our time with you.

Bob Neufeld

  • I am a playful, laughing kinetic dancer and coach. I have spent the last 46 years with my life-partner Marlene continually re-inventing myself and our relationship.
  • My greatest joy is to be in the experience of interconnection with the Divine through play, dance, singing, the natural world, and deep human interaction.
  • My dramatic enthusiasm can support you in playing with your drifts, as you shift into ease and flow.
  • My ability to be an emotionally-literate trustworthy listener allows you to reveal your integrity glitches and take responsibility for your own learning.
  • My open-hearted presence invites you to be in your body and heart, experiencing the "Now".

Bob Neufeld


Marlene Neufeld


Marlene Neufeld

  • I am an intuitive risk-taker and life-long-learner. My passion is teaching others to loosen the grip of old out-dated patterns.
  • I love singing, dancing, laughing, creating, moving, playing and co-creating coaching sessions and playshops with Bob, my partner of 46 years.
  • I offer you clear step-by-step experiences of practical, useful tools.
  • My curiosity and humor, and invitations to play and move, allow you to make transformations in friendly ways.
  • I love to listen deeply and to follow my impulses while collaborating with others.
  • I have a unique ability to see the details as well as the whole picture.
  • Using an integrated Mind-Body-Spirit approach and a variety of body-centered methods, I invite you to step into your full magnificence.

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